Never Alone

Bringing a life into this world is a beautiful thing. However, some may find it to be a generally frightening experience, especially when unplanned. A Choice to Make is a non-profit organization that exists to provide a safe haven for men and women experiencing these anxieties that result from a mistimed pregnancy. It is their mission to save lives and protect futures through safe choices.

Here at the Hoylen agency, we take tremendous strides to ensure residents of our community are well-protected. For this reason, we are eager to join A Choice to Make in helping them achieve their mission. 

Since opening its doors in 2009, mentors of this organization have offered anxious, expecting parents non-condemning, non-judgmental counsel by showing forgiveness to those involved in the pregnancy. These individuals are now more well prepared to bring a new life into this world through their efforts. 

Recommend your friends, family, and co-workers to receive an insurance quote from us, and we’ll donate $10 for every person! They only need to receive a quote – there is no obligation to purchase. All funds raised during our campaign will go to A Choice to Make, so they can continue to support and create positive change in their community.

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305 2nd Loop Road, Suite A
Florence, SC 29505
(843) 665-2196

319 W Main St
Lake City, SC 29560
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