Consider The Lillies

About Consider The Lilies
Consider the Lilies is a professional, full-service florist located in the downtown district of Florence, South Carolina. With stunning flowers and design expertise, we will assist you in creating a truly unforgettable celebration.

We are dedicated to providing personalized
service, quality, and care; therefore giving each client our individual attention. Our innovative design skills incorporate nature and artistry. A truly wonderful combination.

Angela & John Pecca
My love for flowers began at age 9 when we first visited Holland. We were driving and as far as the eyes could see there were fields of tulips of all colors. It was such a beautiful sight! I then worked in a flower shop at age 16, which solidified my love and creativity working with flowers.

In April of 2019, I decided to retire after 18 years of service working in administrative roles with the Florence Police Department I always dabbled here and there with parties and weddings for friends and relatives. The offer to purchase this flower shop was completely unexpected. After much discussion and arm twisting, my husband and I decided to buy the little shop. It was definitely divine intervention.

I love our shop and love coming to work each and every day!

305 2nd Loop Road, Suite A
Florence, SC 29505
(843) 665-2196

319 W Main St
Lake City, SC 29560
(843) 394-1625