Welcome to hakabohu!

We are located in Florence, SC.

Our Mission: To offer a fun and safe experience for children and their parents to shop for toys hand selected based on their play value to the child, as well as a place to shop in person for high quality children’s clothing and accessories. To also connect the companies, charities, customers, and other small businesses in a way that maximizes the impact we can have on all children in our community and beyond.

Why the name hakabohu: We chose to change the name of our store because we wanted something that was fun and memorable and something that our customers could feel was unique to their community. hakabohu takes the first two letters of each of our four childrens’ names to create a name that will always remind us this store is about children and all of our ideas and strategic decisions should always be about helping children and the future of our community.

305 2nd Loop Road, Suite A
Florence, SC 29505
(843) 665-2196

319 W Main St
Lake City, SC 29560
(843) 394-1625